$6.37 million Lotto jackpot won at King Soopers Quincy and Buckley

AURORA - A Lotto ticket worth $6.37 million that was sold in Aurora two weeks ago has been claimed.

A woman from Aurora claimed the winning ticket in the July 17 drawing and took the $3.8 million lump-sum cash option, Colorado Lottery officials said Wednesday.

Bipolar woman sues King Soopers, claims she was fired for disorder

Kings Soopers


DENVER — A woman who worked for King Soopers over a period of five years is now suing the Denver-based grocery chain, alleging she was fired due to her bipolar condition.

Kelly Ferris was hired as a receptionist at the grocery store’s headquarters in 2003, and worked for five years before she said she took a medical leave to deal with a flare-up in her bipolar condition. 

How The Plains Conservation Center Inspired a New Fantasy Novel

Near the end of my freshman year in college, my mother called me to say she’d seen an ad for a job that seemed up my alley: a tour guide at some kind of local historical museum. Neither one of us had realized there was a historical museum in that area, only a few miles from our Aurora, Colorado neighborhood. (Yes, that Aurora—my dear hometown.) But I agreed that the job description, while somewhat vague, sounded intriguing. I called the number in the ad and made an appointment for an interview.

Driving there the following week, I was perplexed; the directions I’d been given said to continue east on a road I knew quite well—east, out of our neighborhood, past the fringes of the suburbs, right out of town, it seemed. The asphalt turned to dirt. A yellow prairie stretched before me, quiet under an enormous wall of sky that rose up from the undulating plain. My little car bumped and jolted. Prairie dogs chirruped at me as I passed. Another dirt road forked off to the left, near the sign I’d been told to look for: The Plains Conservation Center. I’d arrived.

It wasn’t a historical museum, after all—at least, not the little spruced-up house-turned-museum I’d been expecting. It was a wildlife refuge. 2000 acres of open prairie, I was later to learn, home to a vast array of wild creatures, some of which I’d never heard of before. Burrowing owls, hognose snakes, pronghorn antelope.


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