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The $144,146,165 Button

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Joined: 02/27/2012
The $144,146,165 Button


The average New York City taxi cab driver makes $90,747 in revenue per year. There are roughly 13,267 cabs in the city. In 2007, NYC forced cab drivers to begin taking credit cards, which involved installing a touch screen system for payment.

During payment, the user is presented with three default buttons for tipping: 20%, 25%, and 30%. When cabs were cash only, the average tip was roughly 10%. After the introduction of this system, the tip percentage jumped to 22%.


Resident of Smoky Hill since 1996.  Colorado native and lived in Colorado including Craig.  Lived in Prides Crossing before moving here.  Love it here though.  Very quiet place. 





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Fool for the City
Fool for the City's picture
Joined: 06/11/2011
As a firm believer in tipping

As a firm believer in tipping well, I'm OK with this. I am a part-time limo driver, and I do sedans to the airport and stretch limo runs for proms, weddings, etc. We DON'T make much money, as far as regular wages go. Getiing decent tips (for giving GOOD service, obviously) is a make it or break it premise for us. You would NOT believe how many people give us NOTHING for a tip!!! And most of the clients in my end of the business are NOT POOR....just CHEAP!! When you see that the average cab in NYC makes 99,000 a year, remember , that's REVENUE, not wages!! After all their fees and expenses, that figure probably drops by 60-70 percent....not a great wage for a difficult job!!  


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