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Aurora Crime Blotter:

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Smoky Hill Scanners
Joined: 06/24/2012
Aurora Crime Blotter:
crime scene tape
crime scene tape (Times-Call file)

1 Birthday party theft. A woman set her cellphone down on a table at the Chuck E. Cheese at 14005 E. Exposition Ave. so she could play with her daughter during her birthday party Feb. 10. According to security footage, another woman walked over, grabbed the phone and left the restaurant. There are no suspects.

2 I don't even smoke. Police were called to a convenience store at18883 E. Hampden Ave. because a man asked the clerk there for a pack of cigarettes, then grabbed a jar of donations off the counter and ran away when the clerk's back was turned Feb. 10. He made off with $40.

3 Dirt and damage. After shopping at the Home Depot at 6000 S. Gun Club Road, a man noticed that someone created a 14-inch scratch on his car and wrote a profanity in the dirt on the passenger side window Feb. 7.

4 Funny money. An employee at the Anschutz Inpatient Pavilion, 12605 E. 16th Ave., used a counterfeit $20 to buy a cup of coffee at the local cafe Feb. 5. The suspect said he had no idea the money was fake and that he got it at a cash advance center.

5 Garage fight. The brother of a woman who lives in the 2200 block of South Flanders Streetcalled police on her Feb. 4 because she accused her live-in boyfriend of cheating, hit him, broke his phone and his TV and then left.

6 Accidents aren't all car accidents. Police were called to the parking lot of the Target at 15700 E. Briarwood Circle because a woman said someone who parked next to her opened a car door into her car and scuffed it Feb. 4. Police said that did not qualify as a car accident.



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