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Group Sue Arapahoe County Over Interpreters

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Joined: 02/27/2012
Group Sue Arapahoe County Over Interpreters

Fekany said in a news release that Arapahoe County Department of Social Services did not provide an interpreter to help her fill out her paperwork to get benefits. Instead she was asked to communicate using handwritten notes.

Fekany said she requested a sign language interpreter. However, when she returned to ACDHS on Nov. 4, 2011, Fekany said the interpreter she was offered was not certified and was clearly not proficient in ASL.

The lawsuit asks for damages, attorneys' fees and costs, and additional relief.



Resident of Smoky Hill since 1996.  Colorado native and lived in Colorado including Craig.  Lived in Prides Crossing before moving here.  Love it here though.  Very quiet place. 





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