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Hostage situation in Alliance, Ne

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Fool for the City
Fool for the City's picture
Joined: 06/11/2011
Hostage situation in Alliance, Ne

I drove right near this while it was going on....I was about a mile away on U.S. 385, on my way to Kimball, Ne. As I was heading south of town I encountered several law enforcement units "running hot", including an armored assault vehicle with Nebraska State Patrol decals on it. With Alliance being a rather small, sleepy town, this sent up a red flag, so I started scanning the local radio stations, and after several minutes I heard reports about the incident. I went by about two hours into it, I guess...so that tells you how long it took to get SWAT units into the area. I'm sure that most small towns aren't ready for this type of activity....I guess he's still holed up in there.






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