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PBS/NPR become annoying beggars

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Cinnamongirl's picture
Joined: 02/27/2012
PBS/NPR become annoying beggars

PBS host Bill Moyers. Screenshot via PBS.


They’re making us squirm for their programming, more, and more… and more often. They hound us for it.

They keep back their most entertaining material for their PBS prayer meetings, where they pass the basket to the congregation, and it goes on day after day. They hector the public directly for contributions, on the air and in the mail box; they endlessly badger us for cash. They wheedle and flatter–yes, they flatter, telling us we’re so clever, so righteous to fight for them!–and they pay celebrities to come on the show and wheedle and flatter and cozen us for more, more, more money. Despite claiming they’re commercial free, the advertisements from sponsors are there–they’re tasteful and understated… but they’re advertising.

http://www.rawstory.com/rs/2012/05/20/p ... g-beggars/



Resident of Smoky Hill since 1996.  Colorado native and lived in Colorado including Craig.  Lived in Prides Crossing before moving here.  Love it here though.  Very quiet place. 





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Fool for the City
Fool for the City's picture
Joined: 06/11/2011
They've been doing this for

They've been doing this for years....they tease you with a 15 minute clip of something you REALLY like.....but it's gonna cost you a hundred bucks to see the rest!!!


"[i]Before we work on artificial intelligence, why don't we do something about natural stupidity?"--[b] Steve Polyak[/b][/i]