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Stopping At Red Light Beyond The Stop Bar Tickets In Denver

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Joined: 02/27/2012
Stopping At Red Light Beyond The Stop Bar Tickets In Denver

Breaking: Denver Press release.


[b]ORIGINAL: Photo Red Light Ordinance Amended[/b]

The fine section of the City and County of Denver’s Photo Red Light ordinance has been changed. Effective Friday, January 20, 2012, Denver’s Photo Red Light ordinance changed to reflect a tiered fine structure. Notice of violations that occurred prior to 12:01a.m. on January 20, 2012 will still carry the $75.00 fine. Violations that occurred after 12:01 a.m. on January 20, 2012 will be issued as follows;
The original $75.00 fine for all red light violations has been reduced to a $40.00 fine for vehicles that come to a complete stop but their front tires have crossed the white stop line. This $40.00 fine includes drivers required to stop before the stop line for a right turn on red. Drivers are free to turn right on red, but only after coming to a complete stop behind the stop line first. If the vehicle comes to a complete stop before making the right turn, but the front tires are past the stop line, the $40.00 fine will be issued.

The original Photo Red Light violation, Denver Revised Municipal Code 54-101-(3) (a) for running a red light will remain the same infraction of $75.00. A driver will be assessed the $75.00 fine if the vehicle’s rear two tires have completely crossed the stop line before stopping or if the vehicle continues through the intersection.

Citizens are reminded that they are still subject to pay the $75.00 dollar fine if the violation occurred prior to Friday, January 20, 2012.

[b]Denver: 60 Percent Red Light Tickets For Stop Bar Violations[/b]



Resident of Smoky Hill since 1996.  Colorado native and lived in Colorado including Craig.  Lived in Prides Crossing before moving here.  Love it here though.  Very quiet place. 





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Joined: 08/10/2011
Re: Stopping At Red Light Beyond The Stop Bar Tickets In Den

Hmm... sounds fair enough.

Fool for the City
Fool for the City's picture
Joined: 06/11/2011
Re: Stopping At Red Light Beyond The Stop Bar Tickets In Den

NOPE....NOT FAIR.....these red-light tickets are WRONG and should be ILLEGAL.....this is "Big Brother"at its worst!!!! The fact that they can give out a ticket to you WITHOUT you ever having contact with a Police Officer or other issuing agent is ridiculous!!! There are ALL KINDS of extenuating circumstances that could lead to you not stopping in time....what if you had just swerved to avoid an animal, and that caused you a slight delay in your stopping time? An actual Police Officer on the scene would have witnessed that, and probably let you slide. This is TOO CUT and DRIED!!! There are far too many scenarios that a camera couldn't or wouldn't be able to justify....HATE THE WHOLE IDEA.... BS


"[i]Before we work on artificial intelligence, why don't we do something about natural stupidity?"--[b] Steve Polyak[/b][/i]